The Veda

The Veda is pure, inaccessible to those who are less than total in their intent and heart. Living in its accord, a man removes every taint of the mind with which he perceives, doubts and analyses, and constantly knows anew the knowledge he has held from before. With that, we recover the mind’s pristine form which truly reflects each object in our perception, or contemplation, as it is, as its light incident on a flawless crystal.

Concomitant with its purified adjunct, the vision of the individual self purifies and becomes free of its own interpretive bounds, of its limited sense of its own identity, circumscribed by desires, strengths and inadequacies, ideas and object oriented will, its possessions and its relationships.

Free, in short, of the mind itself and of adjunct emotions, beliefs and thoughts, which depletion in turn exhausts the karma stock of the being and its capacity to power our drives. The self is then established in its rock still witness consciousness that pervades the world, of objects, within and without, in its infinite compassion and quenched curiosity.

(Essay extract from SORO USHA)

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