Why did I author such a work, that compacts four or five paperbacks into one ? The answer must lie in those decades of self effort, at Yoga practice and at reasoning the Vedic Knowledge into experience, when I had not even a hint of ever being able to put such a work together. Those decades passed, leaving their fullness behind, and a decade after I began expressing myself serially on social web platforms on diverse matters and issues, essentially of the world and people around me, near and far.

A few years through interacting with individuals who were stupidly ignorant and others who were knowledgeably the same, I realised that most of them in my circle were educated, intellectually endowed and quite well informed. They were still mired in the same shortsightedness that the less educated and ill informed bring into discussions. The insight availed from depths of understanding were rare and far in between despite their erudite background, qualifications in science or doctorates in philosophy. The better ones knew when to remain silent.

Then there were experiences I had with younger grown ups who had professional skills and income, and short attention span for anything pertaining to their moral well being, as if it meant nothing, despite clear alarm bells of accumulated childhood impressions raging upon their present choices and conduct. They claim their freedom to be as they wish and please but transparently show themselves as a subtle picture of being cocooned in their unawareness and fear.

There were others content with life around their work and entertainment, and equally unaware of experiences lying in wait : ill health, interpersonal or relationship crises, joblessness, loneliness, unpleasant exposures, absence of strength while facing complicated circumstance or difficult situation, and old age. These are experiences one must face and live through by oneself, not by the work we are adept at nor by the chatting or shopping one entertained oneself with.

How were they to be helped ? Surely, when the world around them is of no assistance, they must come to their own rescue. But with what ? There is much for the mainstream people of the Indian subcontinent in their heritage, knowledge and tradition, to lend them strength and bail them through their crisis moments. But digging a well when one already parched with thirst is not a practical solution. People must prepare beforehand, read their texts and contemplate or meditate upon the truths they contain in order to avail their strengths when needed.

There were other causes in the genesis of this work, a few of which have been dilated upon elsewhere. They all were mainly rooted either in the fullness of being I was privy to, and the urgency to present it in public domain, or in the need I felt on behalf of my contemporaries and generations in future. Either would have been reason enough to write a work of this nature. In this instance, they both were strong in their presence within me and complemented each other.

(Essay extract from the work)

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