An Invocation To Gods

From the Rig Veda

O Agni ! Flame up bright

Rise high with our prayer to gods

For them to mind this rite.

Accept our oblations, our offerings to gods

And be abundantly pleased.


O Thou, who ascends to heavens

Who is honey to gods and knowledge-dense

Protect us, ally foremost, revered friend

The dearest amongst all close to our hearts.

O Mentor, gold-faced !

Thee we praise and pray to.


Come, O Goddess of Night !

Come thou, O Goddess of Dawn !

These seats radiant are set

To support your fine forms.

O Mothers Divine :

Ila !

Sarasvati !

Mahi !

Grace us, we laud thee.

(Verse extract from a long invocation included in the work)


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