Benediction On A New House

Atharva Veda : Book III Hymn XII

Here, I fix my firm-set dwelling.
May it overflow with clarified butter.
May it stand in safety.

May we approach thee, O House
With all our people :
Men good, free of charms
And dwell within thee.

Too, O House, stand thou firm
On foundations solid.
With horses abundant;
Rich in gladness and kine;
Wealthy in nourishment, in milk
And fat that rise up;
In sacrifice for good fortune;
And with great felicity.

Thou, O House, art a spacious store
With lofty roofs, full of corn cleaned.

Let the young calf and the little boy approach thee
And milch-kine stream homeward in the evening.

May Savitar and Vayu establish this House.
May Brihaspati, who knows
Show us the way;
And may Indra protect it.

May the moist Maruts sprinkle it
With clarified butter.
And may King Bhaga
Laden our farms with corn.

O Queen among homes !
In the beginning, O Thou
Thy sheltering, kindly Goddess
Was established by the Gods.

Clad in thy robe of grass, be thou friendly.
Be thou kindly disposed;
And give us wealth, O Thou
With good men about us.

Thou, O Pole, mount the pillar in due order.
Strong and shining forth far
Keep off our foes.

O House ! Let not those who dwell within thee suffer.
Let us dwell within thee through a hundred autumns
With all our men
And folks in the family.

To this House, the tender boy has come.
The calves have come with all the beasts
To drink from this crock hither, foaming
With jars of curdled milk upturned in it.

Bring hither, O Dame, the pitcher full
Pour out the melt butter, with nectar blent
Bedewing these thirsty beings
With a draught of delicacy.

May abundance itself guard this dwelling
And all our hopes and expectations fulfill it.

Here, I bring Water free of impurities
That kills all causes of illness and disease.

With Agni, the Immortal One, here I enter
And make the house my own.

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