Prefetched By Future

After he had left, Millie spoke almost to herself, “Was this the purpose of our stopover at Rampur, I wonder : to help Phaguni Devi’s soul through its departure to its next birth and to introduce ourselves to our first donor ?”

“The first part is confirmed,” I said. “We will know about second part in your thought shortly.”

“Even so, it tends to confirm that Sadananda’s suggestion at Kalpa to call on Basant Lal ji was not a random coincidence. How the future prefetches beforehand all that is needed to happen ! It radically changes the perspective with which we view events in our life before us. Philosophically, it shows that the “past causes or leads to the present” logic is myopic, a lazy man’s observation that sounds reasonable but is less than half true. It is, on the other hand, more as if “the future effect beckons its causein present or past.” I am absolutely amazed at the implications of the latter, if it be true. It might leave us anticipating but more future prepared and forward looking. That is a million times better than feeling helpless while facing a miserable or wasting moment in the present, and being spent on causes in an unchangeable past, not to speak of the fatalism with which our awareness must perforce be conditioned on account of keeping such a “cause-in-the-past to effect-in-the-present” belief. It replaces the logical sense of being push into our present with the intuitive one : we are all being pulled towards our destiny.”

“You will have to confirm the validity of such an intuitive sense, Millie, from close observation of events in your own experience. It is true that things which make no or very little sense in the present begin to seem meaningful when linked with effects manifest in future. Vedic yagnas are based on that intuitive premise : men bring the causes together in their present with steadfast belief in their desired effect in future. It should be alright, indeed worthwhile, if we were to remember that there nothing fixed about the future, neither in the events that would be manifest nor in the timeline of those events. In fact, there was nothing fixed about the present moment too; it could easily extend into another moment and then one more. Maintaining that fluidity in our perspective and vision should take care of not getting too hung up on hope, on anticipated results or ending our application prematurely, as if the present was gone and done with. Maybe, a beginingless and unending present would be a more wholesome perspective to keep in our vision until we can sense the start and end in the same spot. There was no cause that wasn’t an effect and there is no effect that wouldn’t be a cause.”

“Thank you, Teacher, I get it all too clearly. I do see that our preoccupation with causes in past is necessary till the time individuals have a need to learn, correct themselves and improve. Until then, I believe, the future drawn perspective of events and happenings in the life an individual or community is not even available for adoption. It is only after the threshold need to improve has been met that men become free of their fate and are cosmically aligned to destiny, be it personal or of things and people. I just feel liberated with awareness of these twin aspects of time, through the respective understanding they offer of events in our timeline. In the perspective the two together harmonise, I visualise events being pulled towards the end by the OneSoul and pushed forward from the other end by Prakriti, the Great Mother. The ends meet in the OneSoul, whose body being is Prakriti and the witness self is the OneSelf.”

Extract from forthcoming work : THE EXTENDED BEING

extended being

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