Nov 19, Mark It !

That’s when the ebook EXTENDED BEING will be released for publication. A Print On Demand arrangement will be finalised shortly.

This is an invitation to all who love picking up a good book to read. You will find on the pagelink, down at the end, a list of retail platforms  which will carry the work. Pick it from your favourite anyday after the release date. It might just touch you with the divinity you are !

The page on portal introduces the book, starting with the para below :

It is a story most bizarre of future fetched events, from the time Millie boarded the Kalka Mail for a vacation at her sister’s place in Shimla. What transpired instead brought her face to face with eternity. The book on Vedanta she was reading went deep and deeper, and entangled her in the most surreal conflict of her life. The co-traveler in her coupe grew from seeming an ordinary looking person to be a sage of unfathomed proportion in her estimate. The conflicted self she was grappling with imploded into a spiritual crisis, releasing the last bit of control she had on her balled up being and rolling it in total surrender to the person who, hours before, was not above her suspicion.

Read the rest at the link here.

Part I - Paperback cover

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