The world, space and time and these experiences, motion and emotion and thought, are indeed apparent on account of a persistently stubborn illusion. But it isn’t the usual kind that goes away with a sharp pinch or a vigorous rub to our eyes. Its roots go deep into other great spaces, into which our being extends, to which our subtle and causal beings are staked.

This site is specifically set up to introduce and register the presence of my work on the Vedic Way in public domain, for the interested to choose and avail. The work devices, in contemporary terms, words woven in various configurations : essays long and short, fictionalised narrations, verses translated and paraphrased, and additional writeups that complement… all brought together in one place with one intention : to make the reader feel the presence of the unseen Veda, the truth of all being including ours. It is the expression of One Being extended in itself, in three Great Spaces, five sheaths, and quadrillion guises in diverse phenomenal settings, under distinct laws for particular domains : material, subtle and causal.

Fortunately, I had the ancient world thought and practice to draw from, in the four Vedas, and a lifetime of contemplation on their historic long term movements over about twenty millennia now. My personal meditative experiences served to etch the evolved Upanishadic knowledge forms, the grand intent for commoners in Bhagavad Gita, and the indescribable fullness of Yoga and Vedanta realisations.

Well, what more was I to do ? Present it to those who are in need of something comprehensive, packaged all in one, who are motivated enough to be go about looking. To them, I would say, “Here, look this one up, please.” It possibly will set you on the way to quenching your quest along with its context in truth, personal and historical.

The work itself, “SORO USHA,” is nearing completion but is still a little far from its bound and finished form. Its availability in printed form will be announced here.

Until then, prime yourself with little extracts I choose to publish here. Thank you.

Vamadevananda ~


PS : Why did I write this work ?

The answer is imprecisely spread. However one I included in the introduction to the work is here.

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