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About The Author of SORO USHA — A Millennium Work

This is the author’s one-off work, the kind people write at the end of their lifetime, when works arise out all things that have become known. It has turned into a series of four independent books, fiction and nonfiction. The fifth will the consolidated one, inclusive of the four, in paperback and hard cover editions.

He was born to inheritors of the Vedic Way, to parents who were economically disadvantaged after a thousand year occupation of their land by alien hordes. They were the only god and goddess he knew through his growing up days, spent in part in a school by the River Ganges. The boy left home for his graduate studies in one of the prestigeous IITs, never to return being a part of the family.

Early, even while pursuing his profession, he was introduced to works of several modern seers, and to ancient knowledge scriptures, which became his primary refuge and vocation. He shares snippets of his life in his works.

Today, past sixty, he lives in worlds he chooses to be in. It is a life eternally bouyed of gratitude and spent in thanksgiving of the silent kind.


A word about Spiritual Thrillers : It is a genre that does not appeal to our need for lust or indulgence : food or travel, sex or gore, romance or fear fantasy.

It simply connects you with yourself, to those mysterious aspects and mystical truths of our being which remain in unawareness until we become conscious of them. It is an intense A-ha moment for us, for the discovery also enables and empowers like nothing in our experience or in our being as we knew before.