The Indus Sarasvati People

The Mahabharata Age ended with a third global superflood around 5,500 BC that sunk the coastal, offshore island city state of Dwarka. The epic speaks about its tragic fallout and debilitating effects symbolically, in the way the great warrior Arjuna lost his abilities while battling with armed robbers and vagrant militia to save Dwarka refugee … Continue reading The Indus Sarasvati People

Being To Being, In And Of Being

“But don’t worry,” the Swami  quickly added. “I am only your being in advance. You are the real Swami Vamdevananda, your future being that you will rise up to be. Your non attachment to all things alone matters, through this constant perception of self-in-truth absolutely apart from these adjuncts and associations with sense objects. That … Continue reading Being To Being, In And Of Being